Report Designer - table data issues

So… One of my issues right now is, my custom property(s) datasets populate multiple rows on the report, however, they are all the same data. The timestamp and values are the same all the way through the report. But my custom property dataset is not that way, it has my correct values that should be displayed.

At the risk of overdoing my post, I am using the “isvisible” property on 3 line charts in the report designer and it works great. I tried to use the exact same fuctionality on 3 tables, and it just does not work. Is there a limitation on what that property can be used for or somthing? I just dont quite understand?

(sorry if two issues was too much for a post)


I bet your table’s data details row has values inside like this:


when it should just be:


since the table is already linked to the Data dataset key.