Report Designer XML Copy Out works, Paste back?

I use the Report Designer a lot. Its tedious to click through the GUI to align the Various Column Widths to be the same between a Header/ Details row or across align Column widths across Peer Tables.

So I got a tip from Ignition Support that you can copy out a Table/ Table Group to Notepad. Just curious if anyone figured out how to get the XML back into to Report Designer? At least the XML copy out allows me to see all the Columns Widths I need to clean up to be the same.
TableGroup Copy Out from Report Designer.txt (2.4 KB)

You could probably adjust the code I posted in previously to support ‘pasting’ in a table - the reason you can’t copy the table out, edit it, and then copy it back in is that it doesn’t show up in the system clipboard as the right “type” of data to Java - that’s what the MockReportMillClipboard is doing in that example:

I am looking for the same functionality. In the report designer copy out to XML and paste back into the designer.

What data type is needed to adjust the code you provided to make this function work?

Thank you,