Report Designer

Is it possible to use bar codes in the report designer?

Yes, simply use the barcode component, which can be found under the “Add Shapes” dropdown on the report designer toolbar.

When I click on the drop down I get the option for table, graph , labels, cross tab, simple graph, image, image place holder. I never see a bar code option, know I’m running version 1.0.4, do I need to update.

Also, I went online and ran the latest update for Report Plug In on my local host and it didn’t seem to install, any suggestions?

If you’re running FactoryPMI 2.0.2 like you said on your other post, you’ll need Reporting Plugin 1.1.0, which I’ve attached to this post. You can upgrade your existing reporting plugin by simply adding this one on top of the other one.
ReportingPlugin-1.1.0.fplg (9.67 MB)