Report dimensions - what's the story?

I'm modifying a report for the first time. I'm trying to make it look elegant but can't figure out what the relationship between the page dimensions (which are in pixels) and the fonts which are unitless (on the font dialog).

If I want to do a layout on an A4 page (210 x 297 mm) then what values should I use for the page height and width?

Hi Transistor,

In the Design section of the report, we have an option for an A4 size paper report. It will automatically select the dimensions for the A4 size. The units doesn't show on the Page properties but you can check it on the Report Design section.

Thanks. I subsequently had it pop up at some point, knew it was there and it took me a while to figure out how to get back to that dialog. It supports the standard page sizes and that's what I needed.