Report execute and distribute actionsettings

I am using to generate an email report with a pdf attachment. I want to give the attachment a custom name. What is the actionsetting for “attachment filename”?

“fileName”:“Ignition Report”

Take a look at the bottom examples here

fileName is for the save action.

For the email action, you want ‘attachmentName’. On the same page Ethan linked, look at the section for “Values for actionSettings”. That lists all the possible values for each distribution type’s settings.

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Thank you for the help. I looked at that page so many times today and I never saw that section. Too much staring at code…

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Is it not possible to use UTF-8 ?
It works fine on the Subject ( u’custom_utf8_charactersðúíý)
But not on attachmentName…

is this a bug ?

The specification for email (RFC2047) says you can only have ASCII for attachment names. That said, many systems do allow UTF8 for attachment names, but our fear is that since not all systems support this it wouldn’t work for some clients.