Report Execute & Distribute


I am using report.ExecuteAndDistribute function to send a report over an email on demand. But sometimes the Mail gets sent and sometimes it does not (which I am guessing is due to attachment file size).
However when it does not work, its not returning anything as its failed to email or anything. I only get warnings in Gateway Log as below:

Please suggest how can I show some warnings on this

I don't think you can, as email is asynchronous. That trace looks like the receiving email server for the recipient is cutting off message delivery in progress. This is common when spam filters or size constraints are imposed by the recipient. There's no path for the bounce in this case. Though, I suppose you could create a real email account for Ignition and have Ignition submit like a client. Then the email account can be checked for bounce messages.

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Okay @pturmel thanks for clarification