Report execute log in audit with "Scheduled Report" for Actor instead of Current user

I want when a user execute a report to view and download in perspective his/her user name save in audit log but instead of that the “Scheduled Report” is shown in Actor column of audit list.

Is there any trick to fix it? I can manually put a new custom record in my audit table when executing report but it duplicate the logs for report execute. (one is myself and one “Scheduled Report” created by ignition)

Sounds like a bug lore than anything. I doubt you’ll be able to fix it yourself, unless you fix it after the fact which could be tricky and unreliable


Hope some one form IA confirm this

Hi @nader.chinichian. I also facing the same problems now. May I know that did you solve the problems ?

No It is still there.
What I’ve done is add the record manually in audit table.
There is script function for adding record from 8.0.7 I think.
It is very useful for command in perspective that your tag is not bind to component. For example in a button you write some script to issue specific command. In this case there is no log in audit dB and you can insert your log by that function.