Report exporting to an excel file

Hi everybody.

I have a problem when i export to an Excel file my report by right click button.(Save as XLS)
Always i have an empty Excel file with zero bytes.

Any idea?

Thank you very much.

What version of Ignition are you on? This is an issue in 7.9.8, not present/fixed in every other version. Unfortunately, there’s no workaround other than updating the system.

my ignition version is V 7.9.10

Hi Paul.

Could you tell me something about the question to export to an Excel file?
It´s odd because when i export it to PDF it works fine.

Thank you very much.

Hi Paul, I have the same issue on 7.9.12. Weird thing is that it only happens in some reports, not in all of the ones I have on the same project. Any workaround ideas please?

same problem in 7.9.13…


I have the same problem in Ignition 8.0.16 with Vision Module v.10.0.16.

Any ideas?

Thank you

Are you in contact with support? There’s a lot of potential problems between report generation and Excel exporting. Support can help you with loggers to turn on to try to trace exactly where things are going wrong, for instance.

No, I was hoping that sb could help me through this forum but I can send an email to support.


Hi everybody,

I have the same problem in ignition-8.1.7 (empty Excel file with zero bytes), anyone received feedback from support?