Report exporting to an excel file

Hi everybody.

I have a problem when i export to an Excel file my report by right click button.(Save as XLS)
Always i have an empty Excel file with zero bytes.

Any idea?

Thank you very much.

What version of Ignition are you on? This is an issue in 7.9.8, not present/fixed in every other version. Unfortunately, there’s no workaround other than updating the system.

my ignition version is V 7.9.10

Hi Paul.

Could you tell me something about the question to export to an Excel file?
It´s odd because when i export it to PDF it works fine.

Thank you very much.

Hi Paul, I have the same issue on 7.9.12. Weird thing is that it only happens in some reports, not in all of the ones I have on the same project. Any workaround ideas please?

same problem in 7.9.13…