Report Font Bug

I’m having an odd issue with the Report Designer. When I change a font from Dialog Plain to Dialog Bold, it changes the font to “STIXIntegrals D Bold”. I’ve tried reverting it to Dialog Bold but it always switches to this weird font. If I use Dialog Plain it remains “Dialog”. I’m using this font in “Text” boxes in the report. I have’t tried it in other components.

When I use Dialog Bold in the regular Ignition designer it works just fine. Only have problems in the Report Generator.

The STIX font looks ok for in the report viewer, but when I save it to a computer or email it as a pdf it looks awful. Looks like really narrow Times Roman text. I’m assuming that is because the pdf generator doesn’t know that font but that is just a guess.


Gateway: Windows 7 PC, 32 GB Ram, Java 8u(?)
Designer/Client: OSX 10.11.3 Mac, 32 GB Ram, Java 8u66
Ignition: v7.8.1
Reporting Module: v3.8.1

I wasn’t able to replicate this in 7.8.2, but I don’t see any changes we made in that version which would affect this. Can you work with support to find out how we can replicate this so we can fix it for you? Thanks!

I need to update our server to 7.8.2 soon (sometime next week), so I can try that first. I was able to work around the issue by using Arial instead of Dialog for the time being.