Report Font Problem with PDF Viewer on Save As PDF (menu option)

I 've been having a problem when I want to Save As PDF the designed report on the Report Viewer (Ignition 7.9.3) , everytime I wanted to save the report it saves with 0 Bytes, so if I want to open it shows that the file is damaged, and I can’t open the file.
It happens with every client that is launched also with different Ignition gateways.

After many tests I found that the problem was because of the type of font I used, The type I used was “Century Gothic”. So I change for test every text of the report with Arial font and it worked fine again.

if I left one text with the other font Century Gothic , the problem happens again and saves with 0 Bytes.

Also I made a button on the windows with script for saving to PDF and that works. The problem is on the menu option (Save as PDF) on PDF Viewer.

If there is a another solution to resolve this problem please . It will be awesome.

Thanks in advance



Have you tried installing Century Gothic on your Ignition Server? (Reports are actually generated in the server since v7.8.)