Report generation using tag history using ignition trial with Sample_SQLite_DataBase

I want to generate report with Ignition trial version first to take approval for the entire project. :slight_smile:

I stuck with storing time format data from siemens PLC that i can already shown in ignition but when i go to generate reports. Assume that this time is cycle times and i want to store them and proceed with reports. Can anyone help me having look at this ?
tag name [time] I read from siemens DB and in the PLC side it is TIME format.

Do I need to select tag historian query right? And even after that i drag and drop the particular tag to relevant path.

As per the documents I have drag drop the tags in correct columns as per below.

But there is nothing in preview tab :frowning:

Can anyone help me with this?

If you look at the left panel of your preview tab, you'll see there's no data in the <tag_history> section. That means the problem is with your data.

Is time really the Data Key Alias you want to use? Is there data for the time period you chose in your database? Troubleshoot that part first.

How can i set up given time period to preview the data ? Yes I agree with you because on the tag it shows different date. The PLC date time i set up eual to pc .But why the data I pull out from plc shows different? For the moment I am doing a trial and I send different time values to DB by 10 Second intervals by PLC logic and all i want to see the ignition generate a report with time stamps where i already set up to save the tag historian within the change of value.