Report generation


I am creating ignition report by using basic sql query.
I have table in database where some row contains similar information with couple of columns having different data.
Now when i am designing the report it is not showing the rows which are almost similar, but i want all row to be included in report .
how to achieve this.

Normally all rows are shown in a report, so you’ll need to do some troubleshooting to see why this is happening. When you’re troubleshooting data not showing up in a report, it’s best to start with finding out whether the problem is with the data not being retrieved or not being displayed.

First, go to the Preview Panel, and look at the XML in the right hand column. This is the data that’s being retrieved from your queries and parameters. Check that all the data you expect is actually showing up. If not, the problem is with your query. You may have better results using the SQL Query instead of the Basic SQL query. (In general, you can do anything with a SQL Query that you can do with a Basic SQL Query, and just as easily. The reverse isn’t true).

If the data is coming in correctly, the problem is in the Design Panel. Check all your table settings carefully. Some times it helps to start with a new table if you can’t find what has been mucked up.

Thanks KathyApplebaum, for your suggestion… the issue got solved…
Data was coming correctly but the issue was related to the table settings.
i checked by adding one column at a time, and hence issue got resolved.