Report Graph Timeseries

I have an Ignition system out in the field with a daily report that includes some graphs. The customer is complaining that, although the graph only covers a 24 hour period, due to the graph extending past the selected dates, the timeseries at the bottom shows a two-day period. I have attached a JPG illustrating this. I can’t turn of the timeseries or the domain axis, because the customer wants the hourly labels at the bottom of the graph. I already have the dataset pulling only from midnight to 11:59:59 PM, so I am just getting data from a 24 hour span. Is there any way around this? Thanks.


Unfortunately, the x-axis auto ranges and you can’t specify what dates to show. The dates come from the timestamps in the dataset. You can change the start and end dates so it only pulls in one day.


That’s my issue right now. My dataset runs from 12:39:26PM on July 7 to 11:59:51PM on July 7. I verified this in the Dataset Viewer. The line on the graph appears to run from 12:39:26PM to 11:59:59PM, but the actual chart area starts before 12:39:26PM and extends beyond 11:59:51PM. I believe that is where the overlap on the dates is occuring. Thanks.



OK, I never have figured out what is causing the date overlap. I’m assuming that is must be some function of the graph component. I decided to make an easy solution, and just put a date readout over the graph’s Timeseries display showing the previous day’s date. Not an elegant solution, but it works, and keeps the customer happy. :smiley:

I think it has to do with the x-axis margins. See the extra space to the right and left or your start and ending dates? Thats the x-axis margins. Thats probably what is causing the axis to think it is spanning 2 days. You can change the upper and lower margins in the x-axis properties.

That said, I like your solution. Very practical!


I didn’t even think about the margins. I’ll take a look at that the next time I’m at the customer’s site Thanks.