Report has not finished loading. Please wait and print again

I have an Ignition setup where the main machine control is done from a multi-touchscreen control deck but the same Ignition program is also sometimes accessed by various people’s laptops, usually for recipe creation or viewing of reports.

A few days ago the plant had a power outage and since then, multiple people have reported issues with printing reports when using Ignition on their laptops, though the main control deck is still working fine. When they click the print button, they get the following error message:

“Report has not finished loading. Please wait and print again.”

This apparently happens regardless of how long they wait between loading the report and clicking the print button.

I’ve checked the gateway logs but can’t see anything that seems relevant. The only difference between the control deck PCs and their laptops that I can think of is that the HMI PCs are all on the same VLAN as the rest of the controls system, whereas the laptops are connected to the main company network. I would expect to see more widespread issues if there’s some sort of network or communication problem though.

Does anyone have any idea as to why this might be happening or any extra information I can ask for that might help?

I am not sure this will resolve the issue, and you may have already tried it. But could you test/try with a laptop that has had the Client uninstalled and all of it’s cache completely removed and then the Client reinstalled?

Thanks for the suggestion, I had someone try it but they said they’re still getting the same error.