Report is blank when saved/emailed from a schedule

I’ve created a report, that within the preview, displays properly. And when the dash is launched, appears like it should. However, when i attempt to use the built in schedule, to either email the report, or save it locally, the exported file is blank. I’ve double checked that i have the parameters setup within the schedule, so im not sure what im missing.


If you use any info coming from client tags they will not load in the report because the report is created in the Gateway and client tags are not available there. Check that first.

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Thank you for your response!

The data source for the report is based on historical tag data “Query-tag_history”

It seems like my problem is backwards from what you describe. The report can be viewed and exported from a client, but when the gateway runs the schedule, no data is displayed.

All I can figure from the information provided is that maybe the queries aren’t defined enough to run. if you have multiple schema and/or databases you might try to specify them in your query. The client has a default database connection which it can fallback to. This may not ever be an issue, but its worth a look