Report issues with JSON data

I am struggling in my attempt to create a report using some http json as a datasource. in my first attempt the data loads but I don’t get access to the individual fields to properly create a report. If I manually enter the fields then I can create a report but this is not ideal. In the second attempt the desired fields are created but my report will only load the first record. I am not sure what the proper method is to create a script that can give me the best of both of these. My fields for generating the report and all the data present in my report. Please point me in the right direction. Thanks,

The report generator likes datasets. Consider iterating through your JSON to produce a flat dataset. Or script nested datasets like so:

(Draw from your JSON instead of scripted queries like that example.)


Are there built in functions for flattening the json like pandas? I don’t fully understand the examples provided.

There’s nothing built-in to help you.