Report-Labels Dynamic Starting Position

Hi All,

I've created a report in Ignition that utilizes the label component. The label has a simple text string and a barcode. This is working well, but I need a way to start the labels from a dynamic position on the sheet. I can't find a direct method for this.

For context, I have a process where inspectors are printing labels on a standard Avery Label sheet with 30 labels. The person only prints 5 labels at a time, however. After using a new Avery sheet, the inspector will need to print 5 more labels from a newly generated report starting at position 6 on the sheet.

I couldn't find a direct way to do it, so I altered the data source query to feed X number of blank rows, to force the starting position. This works well again, but I'm facing an issue because the label uses a barcode (Code 39). When a null string is fed to a barcode, it apparently results in a box that says "Invalid Data".

I thought this wouldn't be a problem, because the "Invalid Data" box would print on a spot where the label was already removed. However, the ink doesn't adhere to the empty spots, and this gets the rest of the labels and the printer rollers dirty, which isn't acceptable obviously.

Does anyone have any recommendations? I can't seem to format the components to show up blank either if there's no text.

Thanks in advance for any help.

If you are using the Reporting Barcode Component it has a 'Visible' property that you can right-click and use a dynamic data key which should let you control the visibility of the component

So I'm using the barcode component, but I don't see a visible property associated with the component. Are you saying this should be in Property Inspector?

yeah its under the Basic Properties section:

Thank you! It was hidden in there and I missed it.