Report Line Graph Problem

I believe Dave already created a ticket for this but just wanted to give some background to the request.

I wanted to create a daily production report including daily totals as well as a trend charting shift totals for the past three months. The shift totals are stored once every 12 hours.

I had everything set up correctly however according to support, the line graph in the report module doesn’t support trends where the points are too far apart or where there is no discernable pattern.

Obviously there are lots of applications where the data will only be captured once or twice a day so it would be great if the line graph could support trending this kind of information.

I was surprised that this would be a problem… usually isn’t a line graph supposed to just plot a series of x,y coordinates?

Thanks in advance


Does anyone know if this is something that will be fixed or has a work around for this?

What is the time frame for the fix if there is one?

I guess I could plot it vs index rather than time stamp but it would be nice to know the time frame of the various points

We’d have to put in a change for the reporting module that used a different kind of line renderer to support non-uniform data.

This can be done for 7.3.4. We don’t have a release date for that (7.3.3 is currently being tested for release), but a beta of it should be available shortly after the 7.3.3 release.

…and how close to release is 7.3.3?

I know I shouldn’t ask.

Thanks, Carl.

May 2012 be a very Prosperous New Year for you Ignition developers.


If they are anything like one of my fav software houses…


Haha, yes, everything will be here “soon”.

7.3.3 was released. This fix is in for 7.3.4.