Report Messy code

I save the file as pdf in the rep微信图片_20201011112949 ort schedule, but the file is garbled and the language is ChineseBeOnDutyTable2020101009.pdf (40.2 KB)

this need help


Since reports are generated on the gateway, I suspect the problem is a missing font on the gateway. Or a font on the gateway that Ignition hasn’t been configured to use. (I’m not very good with font setup.)

i see

Do you see anything in the server logs? Go to your gateway Status->Logs, try making a report, and see if anything regarding reports pops up. You may need to change logging levels for the reporting module though if this is not something the Module considers a error, and given you are at least able to produce a .pdf, it seems like might be necessary.

Phil is right here.

When you see empty boxes where characters should be, it’s because the font can’t display that character. If you’re using a current version of Ignition, we don’t include the CJK fonts by default because they are so large – see this post for how to install them.