Report module - ignition 7.9: How to add page in runtime?

Hy, i’m using the report module for the first time.
I followed the courses on inductive university and i find a lot of solution in it but i’m still have a problem.

I need to compose a report with a first page, that exist every time and contain some data, and some other pages, we can call it the “detail page”, that could be from 1 to 10; each of this “detail page” will be structured in the same way, but it could be with no data, so i have to remove/not add the empty one.

I think to make a report seed with all the page and then remove the one without data, or make a report with the first page and only one detail page and repeat it as much i need…but i can’t find a solution.

anyone can help me??
Thanks a lot.