Report Module - In Need of Dynamic Grouping

I have a report which has (amongst others) 3 input parameters coming in from 3 separate dropdowns. Each dropdown has 7 or so choices that a user selects from which ultimately changes the grouping on the report. Using a Table component in the Reporting Module, how could I change the order of the Grouping (found in the Property Inspector's Configure Table tab) dynamically? This based on the user's choice of 1 to 3 different selected groupings. Note all choices in the dropdowns, reflect column data returned by a single query. Is there a detailed scripting document for accomplishing this? Can it even be done?

You aren't going to be able to change the structure of the report via parameters.

One option is to send the parameters to a script, which then chooses which report to run (of the multiple ones you have set up). Another option is to use one or more script data source(s) that configures your data so one report will display the way you want without changing the structure.

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