Report Module jfree Gantt Chart

I’m trying to create a Gantt chart in the reporting module. My first attempt was to use the chart scripting to take advantage of the jfree chart and change the bar chart into a gantt chart. I do not get any errors with my script, but it still renders the bar chart in the report. Has anyone been successful in building a Gantt chart in the reporting module?

def configureChart(data, chart):
	Provides an opportunity to perform chart
	configuration right before the report is
	rendered. Report Parameters and Data Sources
	are accessible via the data['myKey'] command.

		data: This is a map whose keys are report
		      data keys. Values should be sequences,
		      maps, scalar values, or Datasets.
		chart: A JFreeChart object that will be
		       drawn on the report.
	from org.jfree.chart import ChartFactory
	from import IntervalCategoryDataset
	from import Task
	from import TaskSeries
	from import TaskSeriesCollection
	s1 = TaskSeries("Series 1")
	dataset = TaskSeriesCollection()
	chart = ChartFactory.createGanttChart('Gantt Chart', 'TaskName', 'Date', dataset, True, False, False)

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