Report module page name in layout

Is there a @key@ of some sort for the page name? I see page numbes, total pages, etc, but I can’t seem to locate one for the page name.

How does one even set a page name? I thought the name of the page was Page #

Click on the page name in the tree and hit F2.

Doesn’t seem possible in 8.0.15?



That’s a new feature I snuck in :slight_smile: Happy someone’s using it! What does @Page@ contain? Or try or @Page.getName()@?

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@Page@ gives the page number.

I get <N/A> for both and @Page.getName()@.

Tentatively, this may not be possible - but try sticking @this@ into various objects - you may be able to reflectively get into an object tree and find your way to the page object.

Still couldn’t get it to go.

After finding Phil’s thread on scripting nested data, I decided to go that route, scripting the page name into the dataset. It finally let me consilidate things. :slight_smile: