Report Module - Showing No Data

Using the Reports tool in Ignition 8.1 and trying to test a simple report build for a flow meter. I've got a table with 5 columns. First is the date and time derived from t_stamp. The rest are tag historian query types (flow and total flows), using the value parameter of that tag. When I preview the report, I can see that the raw data is good. I've got a good time stamp and valid water flow data. I've also added a time series line graph to show the flow over time, from start date to end date.

Any ideas why I get good raw data but nothing shows up in the table nor the chart? I have been through the courses on inductive university but can't seem to get a report populated correctly.

Without screenshots it's going to be hard to say more than generalizations.

If your data preview looks good but the report isn't showing the data, the problem is in your report design. Check that your datakeys are correctly associated with the table -- this where is see problems the most. Take a look at the doc section on creating tables, especially the part where it shows how to link the datasource to the table.