Report Module

So I just watched the report module training video, and I have a question, that got slightly covered but not all the way. I have 5 different tables in my database that I want to grab information from and display in a report. Here is the general layout of it.

There is a PIN number which is used to track Issues with. Issues are then used to track related Causes. Under Causes there are Tasks. Under Tasks there are Depencies.

I want to make a report that has a single selected PIN and under it, list out each issue, and under each issue list out their causes, under the causes list out their tasks, and so fourth.

Is something like that possible?

Absolutely. You’d bind the dataset on the report panel to a sql query binding that grabbed the data for the pin number that is selected. It would join in the causes, tasks, and dependencies into that single query (joining them all appropriately) Then you’d put that dataset into a table component in the report designer, and add dependencies, tasks, and causes as grouping levels.