Report not displaying row-0

I have configured a simple report which is running a named query. In the preview tab, (on the right-hand side, in the raw data browser) I can see that my query is returning all rows, but in the actual report, I am missing row-0.

Can you show a screen grab of the report design?

ignition report ss3
ignition report ss4

hmmm…sorry, I don’t see any reason why you would be missing a row.

me neither :frowning:
attached are more screen shots that I hope will help.
ignition report ss
ignition report ss2

Can you export your report and upload it here? Can you recreate the problem if you use a static CSV to populate the data? Have you tried recreating the table?

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I recreated the table and I can see it now. Not sure what is different in this new table but thank you!!!

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