Report not populating with data?

I recently re-created a report from an old legacy report component to the new Proejct level report object. Did this by going component by component copying the text and properties over manually. Except now it does not seem to work properly or show what is expected.

Here is the preview in the window

To focus on one particular field, I am going ot use the one I circled in red. Here is my data design -

So I am trying to get the field BatchSpecsHeader from the General_Data dataset.

Here is a clip of the dataset inside the window that the report dataset is bound to -

So I would expect to see Test Specs, but I am getting noting. In fact it seems like only @Batch_Message@ flows through properly. Is there anything I am doing wrong here, has syntax changed.

A very related question - what was the first version the “Convert” option for the old legacy reports to new project level reports introduced? I am using 7.9.9. Converting some reports flawlessly, but this one I am not able to preview at all (Support said it was trying to old a java class that no longer exists). I am hoping that

  1. Maybe my syntax is wrong and I just need to change things or
  2. Maybe I can install the older version of ignition with Convert, and convert this report inside of that, and then bring it to 7.9.9

Any thoughts?

Only thing that stands right out is your CaSe is different for your data key versus the actual data name.
Report_Data and Report_data

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That’s a good catch. I fixed that but unfortunately no dice. My other two tables also did not a capitalization mismatch, nor did any of the text fields.

When trying to debug why a report isn’t what you expect, always start with the XML on the preview page. That cuts the problem in half – if the XML isn’t what you expected, the problem is with your data sources. If it is, the problem is with the report design.

The conversion from legacy to new is definitely not 100% because there are enough differences, especially for data sources, that it’s not possible to handle all cases (this is why we leave your original report intact). Not much has changed since the initial conversion, so I doubt an older version would help.

Is there a way to get XML at runtime? I see my XML in Designer, but its all empty because my default values are all empty datasets.

Right, I couldn’t use the converted report. What I did was convert the report, and then in a new brand new Report recreate each component. I’m wondering if maybe as you said it didn’t convert 100%, so when I was copying the components manually, some bindings or something did not come through and that is what I am missing.