Report Overwriting Other Reports

We’re having a weird issue that I’m having trouble even trying to explain. In our project we have 3 different reports. It seems to be completely random, but every now and then a report we are working on will have everything in the Design tab overwritten by everything from report #1. The Data tab will remain unchanged. The only component we have copy and pasted between the reports was a text footer but that was in the beginning of the report building process. We were working on the report for quite a while after the footer was added without issue. It won’t happen as you’re working on it. It is after you close the report and open it back up at a later date.

The weird thing is if you copy and paste the report to create a duplicate, the “Report Snapshot” shows the report as it is supposed to be. But when you click on the Design or Preview tab it shows the pages from Report #1 even though the snapshot still shows the correct pages (see images below). It has happened on report #2 and #3. It is always report #1 that overwrites the other reports. Any help would be appreciated. We were lucky on report #2 because, for some reason, when I duplicated the report a second time it fixed it. No such luck on report #3. Hopefully all that work isn’t lost…

I can supply an export of the report if necessary. Let me know if it would be helpful.

Thanks in advance,

Report Snapshot:
[attachment=1]Report Snapshot.png[/attachment]

Report Design Tab (same report as the Report Snapshot image):
[attachment=0]Report Design Tab.png[/attachment]

Ignition 7.8.2 (b2016030813)
Reporting Module 3.8.2 (b2016030813)
Server Java v8 u65
Server is Windows 7, 32 GB RAM, 8 Core ?Hz
Designer Running on Mac OSX 10.11.4
Designer Java v8 u66

We had seen something similar, but that was fixed in 7.8.2. Can you have Support open a ticket for this? They’ll need an export that reproduces the problem. Thanks!

Thanks Kathy. Submitted a ticket ( #31629).


I know this is sometime later, but was this ever resolved? I’m running 7.8.5 and I noticed the same thing start to happen after I copied an image from one report to another. I’m hoping there’s a way to recover the overwritten design. Like Will said, the data tabs stay the same, but the design is all copied over with the first design.

We were not able to reproduce the issue and hadn’t gotten other reports of it.

TBH, at this spot since 7.8.5 was released in Dec 2016, the first thing we’d suggest is upgrade to at least the current version of 7.9, if not 8.0.

Okay. I found that removing the copied image and individually adding it to each report seemed to solve my issue.

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