Report - Page Break on Data Groupings


Attempting to do something that I thought was relatively simple, I want my table in the Report designer to break up each distinct data grouping on to a new page of the report.

Following the example here:

However, when I group on the column I want, the report groups correctly, but the Page Break checkbox does absolutely nothing.
I have tried to use table groups as well. no Luck. This is currently what I have, along with the settings being used.


FYI for anyone in the future that comes across something similar.
Inductive support had this to say:

This seems like a bug in 7.9+ that was fixed in 8.1.16 and not backported to 7.9. With Ignition 7.9 LTS ending June 2022, it is very unlikely that this will be added to 7.9.

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Were you able to find a workaround?