Report pagination

I have a table in a report, and saw this handy-dandy little checkbox. At the moment, I’m not seeing a difference in the pagination between these two modes. I’m for the moment assuming that:

This is standard pagination. What doesn’t fit on the page goes onnt the next.

Inserts a page break between new headers.

Is there more (i.e. better) documentation than what’s in the user guide?

This is the best I have, taken from the documentation of the reporting application, which we support as our own. I don’t think it answers your question, but going through that may help with reporting interface.

[quote]Paginate Switch: This is a three state switch (on, off, N/A) that you will
rarely need to change. By default, tables paginate if the call to
generateReport() specifies it (the default is yes). However, this is the key
to how ReportMill automatically does the right thing depending on
whether you are generating a paginated report (for PDF output) or a
scrollable report (for Flash or CSV). On rare occasions, you might want
to configure this switch to always get a scrollable report or a paginated
report, regardless of the output file format.[/quote]

You’re absolutely right, it didn’t answer it! :laughing:

Thanks for the link, though. I’ll start wading through ReportMill’s docs.