Report Parameters Embedded string at runtime

Is there a method to have a report parameter in a string recognized by the report when passed into the report via another string parameter binding? Basically like a nested parameter.

Say I have a parameter called ‘Comment’. If I bind that parameter to a text box in my window, and in that text box at runtime I type ‘Performance was @performance@’. Is there a way for the report to see that embedded parameter placeholder at runtime and replace it with my ‘Performance’ parameter value?

My actual requirement is to do this in a table in the report, where I dynamically add rows to a list of comments the user enters, and we have canned comments that I want to link values from the report to within those comments.

Maybe there’s another way to accomplish what I’m looking for, but otherwise as a worst case I can come up with some script to do the replacements. Just trying to avoid the extra work if I can.