Report Parameters Missing from Key Browser

I created a couple reports a few months ago. They have been and are currently running properly and as expected. My problem is I would like to make some updates to them but none of the parameters (ie: StartDate, EndDate, etc.) appear in the Key Browser. I tried to use them anyways making sure to enclose them in “@” but they just appear as “N/A” when I run the report. Is there a way to refresh the Key Browser or add the parameters to the browser manually?

The parameters are still there as you have shown, and where I have used within the report previously still function as expected when the schedule runs. I am just unable to add a new use for them as they appear as “N/A” when the schedule executes.

If they are showing in the Data tab, you should be able to see their values in the XML data on the right side of the Preview tab. If you see the values there then something is wrong with your report design.