Report parameters unbinding

I'm using a dropdown component with names of reports that is linked to the report path on the report viewer. My issue is when changing reports that do not share the same parameters they tend to unbind which becomes an issue for the users.

My current solution is to add all these parameters to all my reports but I'm working with about 50 reports, just wanted to know if there is a work around or a correct way to handle to. Currently on Ignition Version 8.1.21 Reporting Module 6.1.21

I ran into this problem a while back in a Vision project. The only way I could make it work was to stack report viewers on top of each other. Each is configured with their own bindings where only one report is visible at any given time. However, I only had around 7 reports, not 50.

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Instead of bindings, you could use scripting to update the report parameters as values change. Somewhat tricky, but probably nicer to client and gateway memory than generating a bunch of extra reports.


the script would be placed on the component's property change correct? Just want to clarify because I think this will work and save me time in the long haul.

Yeah, that would be the most direct way to do it. You could also do an 'indirect' approach, where you have X components in charge of setting up parameters, then a button in the middle that copies values over from the data entry components to the report parameters. Less scripting overall, but possibly more complicated scripting; no perfect answer.