Report Parameters

1st attempt at an automated report.

Everything works but the query is not updating so the results are always the original timestamp.

Not quite sure on how to involve the parameters.

Basically I want this to run at midnight and pull the current values only.

Can you give us more of an idea of what your query looks like?

RES_LEVELS.[timestamp] AS timestamp1
where timestamp >= ? and timestamp <= ?

Parameters are STRDATE and ENDDATE defaults.

Hmm… I’m not seeing anything obviously wrong with it…

What does the schedule say for the parameters?
You need to pass it startDate and endDate somewhere

Actually it may be working now. At first I didn’t know to use ? to integrate a parameter.

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I have a similar problem. I thought my report was working, but I find it stores the old data. My table data timestamp updates, but the old data stays on the report. For example tag1 = 100 and tag2 = 200. Data and time displays properly. Data changes tag1 = 500 and tag2 = 200, data and time displays correctly. Data changes tag1 = 100, tag2 = 200 data displays tag1 as 500, tag2 as 200 and the correct time. If tag2 data changes the report will update to the new tag2 data and the correct time, but still has 500 for tag1 even though tag1 has returned to its original value of 100.

Mine kind of just started working. I don’t think I was utilizing the ? properly.