Report - Pie chart: Unicode for labels

Hi. I get the wrong formatting in my pie chart when I use special characters. In my script datasource I have tried with u “m³”, but it is displayed as Âm³. What can I do?


I see the str() function where you are generating rows. That reverses the effect of the u’’ syntax.

You can try using the unicode() builtin instead of str(), or simply avoid that type coercion for known types.

I erased str() and added Alias1 = u"{0}".format(data[‘AliasColumn1’]) and now its working!!.
Thx alot for helping me!!!

I have another problem with the Report - Bar Chart component. It can display special characters like “åäö”, but not m³…



Reporting isn’t scripting. It doesn’t use the u’’ prefixes at all, and I don’t think it needs them.

The source dataset comes from a script.

Ah, I see. That is probably a problem with the font. Not all fonts implement all characters.

I think reporting is mangling the data keys, in some misguided attempt at sanitization.

Unfortunately I’m not sure if there’s a good fix. You could probably apply correctly encoded names in configureChart, but how would you know the correct name(s) to reapply outside of hardcoding things?