Report Pie Chart

In my dataset that I write to a tag that the pie chart is tied to, I have headers denoting the shift that the value is for that is displayed in the legend. However on my chart the legend displays an _ instead of a number. Ex. “2nd” shift is nd_ or “2” is _ . When I use First, Second, Third it displays correctly. Is there anything I can do to change that?

In addition, while I believe that this should go to the feature request, is there anything I can do in the reports that I can use to make a chart background transparent in the reports so I can place two on top of each other? Ex. One chart displays the shift breakdown and another displays the total (offset the display for the value below the bar for the shift and above the bar for the daily total). I also would like to color code the slices based on the number from the dataset. Ex. 1 is green, 1000 is orange, 1001 is blue, etc. I can do both of these items in a normal vision window, but am not sure how to do it in a report.

No, starting a dataset column header with a digit breaks many things.

Have you tried alpha=0 in the background color?