Report Preview query results

Using reporting module 6.1.7
Writing a simple report that returns work order numbers and their descriptions. The layout/format is working fine, and the query returns expected data when it’s run in the database developer.
However, when the report is previewed in the report module, only the first returned record, repeated many times, is shown.
The XML shown next to the preview results show the correct results (one work order and description per row).
The same erroneous result is shown when the report is viewed from the Perspective application.
Any help getting the report to show all returned query results appreciated.

That usually means the column keys in your tables are over-specified. They should just be the final column name. If the upper levels of the key are included, it implies the first row at that level.


That is, in almost all cases every actual cell in a table should have @SomeKey@, not @SomeOtherKey.SomeKey@. The ‘parent’ key should be the data key of the outer component and thus implicit in the actual text.

With @query.WONUM@ I get a singe work order number “W21-101180” (there should be dozens).

With @WONUM@ I get a single row with “N/A” as the value.

In both cases the XML shows all the data I expect.

Does the table have @query@ as its key?

I you’re referring to the Data Key listed in the upper right portion of the Data tab, then No, it has “query”.

You’re right, it shouldn’t have the @ signs. But I’m talking about table’s Data Key in the “Configure Table” tab of the Property Inspector. Create a report with the Tabular Report template to get an example with “static_data” as the relevant key.

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