Report printing resolution

I’m trying to create a report (actually an 8" x 4" barcode label). I’ve adjusted the page size for the report to 8" x 4" and the label prints, however, the resolution is horrible (looks like old school 8bit graphics). I’m using a Zebra 105SL printer and it prints at 203 dots per in. So I’ve tried to set up the report size to use “points” and made it 1624 (8x203 dpi) by 812 (4x203 dpi).

It effectively made the label 8 times bigger on the horizontal and 4 times bigger on the vertical (only printing a tiny portion of the label really big on a 8x4 label… that make sense?)

How do you properly scale a custom paper size to be 8" x 4" @ 203 DPI? I’ve searched the forum and can’t find anything on it.

I’ve seen a couple mentions on the forum about using a container to create the label instead of a report, but that kind of defeats the purpose of a report right? :slight_smile:

Any help would be appreciated… if I’ve missed anything in the forum, feel free to virtually smack me and point me in that direction.


Hi Tim, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

I have personally found it more effective to generate and send the ZPL code directly than using a printer driver.

This thread starting about here may help.