Report problem: Only displays first row


I’m new to Ignition and I’m trying to create a report using a SQL query. I verified that the query works using the Database Query Browser tool, but when I run the report, it will only ever display the first project returned from the database. Each project might have multiple rows. you can see in the image below that this particular project returned 3 rows in the “Details” Row.

There should, however, be more projects displayed.

I expect the report to continue with a new Detail row starting with a new “PSI Project #” followed by the respective details rows

You can see below my design configuration and a query I ran showing there are more rows not displayed on the report even though they are returned in SQL

And in the next image you can see how my report Data is configured.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

FYI version info

|Ignition Platform|8.0.6 |**Symbol Factory Module**|6.0.6
|Alarm Notification Module|5.0.6 |**SFC Module**|4.0.6
|OPC-UA Module|8.0.6 |**Enterprise Administration Module**|3.0.6
|SQL Bridge Module|9.0.6 |**DNP3 Driver Module**|3.0.6
|OpcCom Module|5.0.6 |**Vision Module**|10.0.6
|Perspective Module|1.0.6 |**Reporting Module**|5.0.6

I’d also like to add that you’ll notice that the 3 row of data returned in the “Query Details” row are all identical data, but in the actual SQL query these 3 rows have unique data. So for some reason it’s only displaying the row data for 1 row of SQL results 3 times.

Have you tried using a nested query? Perform a select statement to return the list of IDs you would use in place of your {WhereClause}. Then your nested query would perform your select statement for EACH of those IDs. Depending on how complex your final data is, you might also have to use TableGroups in the report designer. Sorry I don’t have a concrete example but this might get you going in the right direction.