Report Problems - Can't get historian data to populate table

I have been fighting for days with settings and cannot resolve this. It will show the count of items in the table, but I can’t get it to show the actual values. I can see it in the code (see screenshot to right are the actual values!) but in the report table it’s always 1. Any ideas? What am I missing?

Try renaming the data keys, to avoid the leading numeral 1 - the backing engine for reporting has some issues with “numeric” data keys.

Thanks, now it just returns , even though again the values are on the right in the code! Also, I know they are there because if I make a table in a Vision window connected to the same historian data I can see everything perfectly. Is this a bug in the reporting module?

It lost my “NA”. And here is the data in vision window.

Somehow I got it more or less working, after renaming everything with no spaces or characters, and closing and reopening several times (changes don’t seem to always ‘take’). But it still doesn’t behave like any of the examples in the knowledgebase or the way the tables work in vision.

The reporting module is an entirely separate codebase, built on top of a 3rd-party tool that doesn’t use Java Swing at all. Very little in the reporting module works the way Vision works. They are fundamentally different technologies.

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Very odd. The spaces in my data names was also the problem I was having. Thanks for posting your solution!