Report Query Parameter Error

I have several reports that I created that uses a string parameter which is a tag. All the reports worked flawless when I realized I used gateway type tags so if multiple instances of the client are opened there would be tag writing issues, so I recreated the tags to client tags. I changed all parameter tag paths etc and the reports show up perfect in the report viewer. When you go into the Report itself it will not execute any of the queries, it says "WARN: Error Executing query parameter expression “{Parameter}” Any ideas?

I dragged the parameter to the report to see its value, and it shows up as “N/A”
I then created a tag in the gateway using a expression to reference the client tag. This does not work. It seems that the error has something to do with reading a client tag in the expression language.

Can anyone tell me why you can’t read a client tag in expressions, or how it can be done?

Just found this :frowning:

I was using executeAndDistribute, but wasn’t passing an overriding parameter to fill in the client tag parameter. Once I filled in that parameter into the function it worked fine. Thanks @KathyApplebaum