Report Save as PNG Issue


Whenever I save a report as PNG with more than 1 page in it the first page is what gets saved no matter which page I am viewing. Is it possible to save the other pages in the report? or am I missing something simple


Version 7.2.7

You’re right - PNG export only uses the first page since PNG isn’t a multi-page format. I suppose we could concatenate each page into a very tall image, but I’m not sure who would want a report in such a format.

Is there a reason you don’t want to use PDF?

Hi Carl

I intend to send it as an Email and it is quite large as a PDF so it takes a long time for it to send. That was the main reason for trying to save it as a PNG. I tried saving it as HTML but the information in graphs does not get saved.



The PNG would probably be a larger file than the PDF, but I can put a ticket in to get this fixed.

@carl - might be worth looking at pdf size options. Sometimes pdf files can be compressed or saved in a way that they visually look about the same at a much smaller size. I’m not sure if this has been considered with the pdf export in the reporting module.