Report schedue by script

Hi, I want to use this script :

data_list = [[“TYN”,“001”],[“TYN”,“002”],[“TYN”,“003”],[“TYN”,“004”],[“YPG”,“001”]]
today =
date =, “yyyy_MM_dd_HH_mm_ss”)
for data in data_list:
paths = “D:\reports” + data[0] + + “\report_Auto”
settings = {“path”:paths, “fileName”:data[0]+"_"+data[1]+“report_Auto” + str(date) + “.pdf”, “format”:“pdf”}“report_Auto”, project=“test”,action=“save”, actionSettings=settings)

maybe there’s something wrong with “paths”, I want to dynamic change the paths by “data_list”, how can I do?

Path only supports a single filepath. If you want to save the same report to multiple destinations, use to get a byte array, then system.file.writeFile to write it to each of your separate destinations.

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Thanks , I look for these two , but I don’t know how to use .

There are examples in the documentation for each function: and