Report schedule action user account

I’d like to know what Windows user account is used when reports are saved to file, and if I can change this?
I’m trying to save a report to another server filepath, but it seems to be lacking the credentials to access the other server, with the following error being logged:

java.lang.RuntimeException: \\{IP ADDRESS}\Tank Reports\Tank Status Report 2017-09-15 1416.csv (The account used is a computer account. Use your global user account or local user account to access this server)

Where {IP ADDRESS} is the server’s IP address.


You need to set up network access for the local system account (services) or configure Ignition to run under a user account with network privileges. See this topic.

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To expand on what Phil said, in the new reporting (7.8+), all scheduled report actions take place on the Gateway and the OS sees them as being done by the user account the Ignition service is running under. That means this user needs access to any directories you want to save to and any printers you want to print to. Almost all printing and saving problems we see with reporting ultimately come down to this user not having the right permissions or network access.