Report schedule every 15mins - File save once a day

I’m new to Ignition so this may already have been discussed (i didn’t see anything) I want to schedule a report for every 15 minutes from my vision client but only want to save the file once a day. Is that possible? From what I’ve done already it looks like you need to create a schedule for every 15mins and have it save each individual log? Would this be easier thru the gateway event script?

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Reports can be setup via designer but they are setup in the Gateway meaning you don’t necessarily need any vision client open to have this cron job run.

I would recommend watching these videos -

Reports that you’re viewing in a Vision or Perspective client are generated ‘on demand’ - scheduled actions attached to a report are totally independent from them being viewed in windows/views.

I want my scheduled report once a day but broken down in 15min increments. No matter how I try to break it down in the “schedule” tab, I only get 1 hour increments. I’ve tried to set multiple schedules for every 15mins but it overwrites the existing file from my location.


This statement is not clear to me, I’m not sure what you are asking. If you want to have a client update a report viewer every 15 minutes throughout the day, you don’t need to schedule that. A report viewer will execute every time a parameter changes, so as @PGriffith mentioned, the client report viewer is generated on demand and completely independent from a scheduled execution.

Make a single schedule to save the report at the required time to take care of the I want my scheduled report once a day

Then for the 15min increments…

if you are viewing the report in a client, just setup a refresh parameter to toggle every 15 minutes to execute the report.

If you want to save a copy of the report every 15 minutes, you would have to include something like the datetime in the file name so it doesn’t overwrite the file over and over.

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Thanks this is helpful