Report Schedule- Save File

Hello, I am hoping to have a pdf report save locally on my computer to a designated folder at its scheduled time each day.

No matter why I try the file does not seem to save in this. I’ve tried the save file action and run script action. When clicking the “run action immediately” button, I don’t receive an error but the file is still not appearing in the folder.

Is there something I need to connect between the server and my local laptop?

Report generation happens on the gateway, not locally - is your gateway running on your actual laptop?

Yes it is

Is this Windows? If so, is the gateway service running as a specific user, or just ‘local system’? What directory are you trying to save to? Have you tried a top level directory, like creating a new C:/ReportsTest, and saving to that? How are you specifying the target path/directory for the save file action (or for the run script action)?

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