Report Schedules Conflicting and Failing to Send

Hello, I have a question regarding Reports going out at Schedule time. I have a single Report with multiple schedules at the same time, but are fed different parameters. I am seeing intermittent delivery of them.

For example, 11pm one day, I see schedule event 1 but not 2, then at 7am I see schedule event 2, but not 1, and then another day I could see both.

I am trying to determine if the SMTP server is failing and to use resources looking there, or if this is an Ignition Limitation/Failure. I can't find anything in the logs about a failed report.

Any advice where to look, or if this definitely seems like an SMTP issue? I could offset each report by a minute as well but seems like a bandaid.

I would band-aid it. You don't want the generation of a bunch of reports hammering your gateway at the same time. Reports put a substantial load on your server (and database, too).