Report Schedules Problem

So we have a gateway that due to domain issues had its date set 2 months ahead.
The scheduled reports ran and set the last run date/time to Sept 1st

Now since the date was corrected after that no reports will execute as scheduled.
How can I reset the last run dates for scheduled reports?
I have tried disabling the schedules, changing them, etc. To no avail…

That’s odd – the reports should reschedule their execution when the published version of a project is updated.

Can you set the reporting.Schedule logger to trace, make a trivial change to the project, publish it, and see what the logs say? I’m expected a message like “Existing reports descheduled for project blahblah”, hopefully followed by a “Scheduled report MySuperReport …” with info on the cron string, etc.

Went in to each of the reports and changed the schedules slightly.
Saved and published.
Here are the results.

So do your upcoming scheduled executions look correct? The completed executions won’t repopulate until the scheduled executions happen, because those are just in memory and not stored with the report resource.

The schedules look correct but they do not execute.
I’ve done this 3 or 4 times now, even rebooted the server the Gateway runs on.

I’m not seeing any tickets that would clue me in on this. Can you contact support so they can get this fixed up?

Ticket #99475

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