Report shows N/A when no value has been recorded at that time

The tags are recorded on change. In a report that shows a value for each tag for a short time range there is an error for some tags in the log and the value is shown as N/A when the last recorded value was sometime prior.

Is there a way to have it use the last recorded value? I'm guessing the only way to change this would be to set the Max Time Between Samples to something lower.

"default No historical tag information could be found for any of the specified paths. Check that paths are correct. Paths:"

Yes. Max time between samples should be set to the smallest chart timespan you ever expect to use.

Thanks, just wanted to be sure there is no way to get the last known value if there is none in the current range.

It seems like that would be better than showing N/A (and filling the log) but then I feel like the report would need to show that the value is old and may not reflect the actual value at that time. I could change the recording to once a minute and no longer on change but then I'm recording lots of extra data and... around I go.

Conflicting requirements for the available functionality. Pick.