Report Simple Table

Hi guys,

I have a problem with the simple table component in the report module. When I add data to it from dataset (imported from tags), only the first data (first row) will display, i can’t make it dynamic.
When I test with the data in the tutorial :


conveyor line,78

filler, 68



It works, but If I just replace one letter from the header column for example, the data will stop to be displayed dynamically. There is something I don’t understand for sure but I can’t what.

Thank you guys !

Be sure your dataset’s column names are valid for reports. And avoid the bug described here:

Thank you for your answer.
Since I copied the data from the tutorial, I think the format is good and I’m just changing one letter and it doesnt work anymore, plus there is no number in the column names/

where are you changing this one letter?

Wherever I change it, doesnt matter. See on this example :

This is the original data. Then in the preview :

Here if I remove the “i” from equipment, here is what I get :

Of course, I remove the “i” from the static csv data, but also from the designer (@Equpment@)

But only the first column displays

I tried with a bunch of other data, none has numbers at all in column names, still nothing.

Should probably call support and have them take a peek. From what I can tell everything seems to be configured correctly.

Thank you, will do that then.